I started to occupy myself more and more with web development and wanted to try out alternative forms of presentation. The next redesign had 2 innovations: A completely acoustic version and one for mobile phones.

When Flash 4 was released, there was the possibility to stream MP3 files. I recorded my read aloud texts with a microphone, converted the WAV files to MP3 and gave the website a keyboard navigation with JavaScript. The menu navigation always showed acoustically which page the user was on and which navigation options he had with the keyboard. The goal was to enable blind users to navigate my website without being dependent on a monitor. Once they arrived at an article page, they could either have the article read aloud (which was just a static streaming of my recording) or navigate further.

At the same time there was a text-only version that could be accessed in the WAP browsers of mobile phones at that time.

It was design for the blind, without a screenreader and design for mobile phones, without CSS media queries or the responsive design we know today.

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