In the meantime I was a freelancer and a dog breeder needed a concept for her breeding site.

The goal of these breeders is to sell the puppies from a litter to suitable dog owners in the fastest possible time. Ideally within 8 weeks after birth. Until then dog breeders have put crappy websites online. They took a picture of the whole litter and put it online. Sometimes no single puppy could be recognized and potential dog buyers could hardly be attracted.

I changed the concept to a weblog system. I told the breeder that she should blog about each puppy individually and report daily in her blog what which puppy did and when. She should also take many single portraits and not always show the whole litter.

This then new concept worked out. Potential buyers could more easily choose certain puppies and follow their development during the first weeks. I later sold this concept to other breeders as wwell and it was often copied.

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