Kultur Aktuell was and still is a publicly funded cultural portal about a region in northern Germany. The site already existed, but cultural offerings from the region were hardly findable via search engines.

My job as a freelancer was to improve the site in certain places, so that their blog entries were better represented in Google, at least for 2-word combinations. I replaced the CMS underneath for the news section and improved the HTML. Then I semantified certain contents like their photos from the region. The photos got geographical metadata, which I added to their RSS feed and connected them to Google Maps and MapQuest. I also uploaded them to Flickr, which was already good at handling geographical metadata at that time.

All in all, these measures made a difference. Because, as I said, the semantic web was still under discussion and external services were already flirting with it. Whether or not these measures would still be of any use today, however, is another matter.

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