I slowly lost interest in web usability and dog sites and became more and more interested in web development, semantic web and open source software.

This was my blogging phase and my blog was soon among the most well-known tech-blogs in Germany. I also developed wordpress plugins, participated in open source projects and experimented a lot with semantic web formats like RDF.

When the debate "XHTML2 or HTML5" came up few years later, I was clearly pro XHTML2. It was simply the better and more flexible format. And it made the semantic web possible. But people found it too complicated and its validation rules too strict. Only a few managed to build a valid XHTML1.1 page at all at that time. So the idiots won and HTML5 came. Just because of some stupid video and audio elements. Commercialization under the influence of tech companies and the stupidity of the Internet had begun. The academics who had built the Web receded into the background.

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