My time in East Frisia was nice and quiet. Too quiet. Therefore, after 1.5 years, I was drawn back to the big city and started looking for a job in Berlin, in order to get a foothold in this for me strange city.

I happened to see a job ad from studiVZ and had to laugh out loud. studiVZ was a German copy of Facebook (which wasn't in Germany at the time, but was about to be) and was in the newspapers, besides its high user numbers, with several embarrassing security holes that allowed script kiddies to read all private profile data.

But I took it with a sense of humour and applied there. studiVZ was a monolithic platform at that time and it was to be completely rewritten to make it more modular and faster. It was the largest platform in Germany with over 9 million users and the recoding was the largest IT project in Germany. So I went there.

We were 4 frontend developers in a team of about 40 developers and sysops and rewrote the platform in 9-10 months. For me it was the beginning of the Web 2.0 start-up era with big platforms with user-generated content that were fighting for the monopoly position.

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