When the financial crisis arrived here in 2009/2010 because of the Spanish property market, many of my clients became insolvent. However, I heard from relatives from Turkey that the IT industry in Istanbul recovered from this very quickly. There were also some articles on the net that reported the same thing. So my wife and I went to Istanbul, where a lot of capital was being pumped into e-commerce.

I worked there for 2 e-commerce companies which were basically neighbours. The business principle was often the same: A back-end team builds a shop system, sales people swarm out to sell an online shop to the mid-sized companies. When the contract was signed, the designers went to the customer to gather the design wishes and requirements and then made a mockup in the company, which the front-end developers then had to implement quickly.

I was the department manager of such a UI team consisting of 3 designers and 7 frontend developers, which had to implement the customization requests. To speed up the development, I developed an in-house framework with the most common layout and jQuery options and did many workshops with the junior developers.

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